Business Confidence
18 Jan 2016

Business Confidence

Confident Decision Making Are you confident in

18 Jan 2016

Confident Decision Making

Are you confident in the business, financial and life decisions you are making?



Are you questioning yourself? Have you ever created thoughts in your mind that are not reality, or what can be called gremlins?

When you have confidence almost anything can be achieved, adversity can be handled, your mind opens up to new possibilities, you get unstuck, relationships can get built, people are attracted to you. Personal confidence is an energy force that sustains you.

Take time to reflect on what you are currently confident about and what may be undermining your confidence. How much do you trust yourself? We all have gremlins floating around in our heads that were falsely created somewhere and they are generally there because we are not so trusting of ourselves. The key to change is building a positive way of thinking to remove the gremlins.

It starts with discovering who you are, defining what you exist for and gaining clarity of what is important. Put the framework in place for making confident decisions and cutting out a lot of clutter that may get in the way of your confidence. Keeping the gremlins out of your head every day is not easy. Focus on the questions you ask yourself when key issues or questions come up, learn how to self-manage and ask yourself positive questions rather than negative, judgemental or critical questions.

Approach your day this way and regularly question yourself, did I approach everything with a positive mind-set? Review your activities and see what is both building and sapping your confidence.

Consider having a coach who will ask you questions you don’t often ask yourself. So many things can be uncovered and explored in safe conversations. Anything is possible when you commit to growing in a coaching conversation.

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Natasha Dowd is an Accredited and Qualified Life & Executive Coach, Qualified Trainer and a member of the Institute of Leadership and Management with over 20 years experience in recruitment for local and international markets. See her website 


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