Setting Business Goals
18 Oct 2015

Setting Business Goals

What is Stopping You From Reaching those

18 Oct 2015

What is Stopping You From Reaching those Goals?

It is that time of year when end of year targets are looming and time is running out?


If you understand the value of effectively managing your pipeline it is so important to constantly have visibility on your key metrics and these should be taken into consideration throughout the year

Are opportunities taking too long to convert? Do you need to look at the process? Are the leads qualified to make sure they are a good fit? Talk to your peers find out how they were successful, ask what is working for them and what they did differently to achieve their targets.

If external factors such as market conditions or competitor drive are impacting your business, review your target list and look to see if the service you are offering is what they are looking for.  Look for the solution that will suit their needs, if you cannot deliver, look to the value of the work you have done to target a different market.

Spend some time reviewing the data in your CRM system. Look at the type of conversations that have been held maybe you need to change your approach and your messaging.

You might consider offering your prospects something more to entice them to engage with you further and heighten their interest in your solution.

Self-manage and look at the progress you make on each search and adjust your planning tasks for future efforts.  Learn from the work you have done and set achievable goals by using the resources you already have within you to make it happen in the future.

Natasha Dowd is an Accredited and Qualified Life & Executive Coach, Qualified Trainer and a member of the Institute of Leadership and Management with over 20 years experience in recruitment for local and international markets. See her website 


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