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Global Mobility

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This Global Mobility Coaching Programme offers integrated, holistic support to the global mobilisation process. It is designed to help you recognise your own self-awareness, bridging the gaps that arise with the career and home adjustments when crossing borders, both physically and culturally.

Training type Coaching
Duration 12 months
Modules Adaptive
Who attends Open to all
Global Mobility cover

Key Provisions

  • Coaching as a support intervention

  • Access to a qualified coach, experienced with global mobilisation

  • A confidential and secure environment

Coaching intervention is at agreed key dates, and timing during the move. The programme includes one-to-one coaching in person, via Skype, phone, or email. The coachee will also have access to digital tools on the AncoraHub.

Why it Helps

How well an individual manages a global move is determined by their own self-awareness to global mobility changes. Whatever your needs, understanding your own purpose for accepting the move, and aligning that with your beliefs and values, brings transparency to help you make informed decisions. Planning thoroughly from the outset creates a smoother path to global mobility.

The Global Mobility Coaching Programme is a structured programme that covers the five stages of the mobilisation journey:

  • 1. About you

    This stage focuses on the coachee, through discussion on values and beliefs, personal interests, skills, and your new role.

  • 2. Where are you going?

    We look at your new location, leaving your home, family and friends, and how to feel comfortable that you have planned well for these changes.

  • 3. When you get there

    In this stage, we look at settling into your new home and managing the systems and processes involved. We also explore the impact of a diverse culture and how those changes bring reality to the move.

  • 4. Making it happen!

    This stage is about establishing your new identity and accepting diversity, through building new networks and staying in touch with old ones. You learn to recognise your purpose, and how your values and beliefs align.

  • 5. Repatriation

    The final stage is about developing your sense of belonging; transferring your new skills, the new you, and furthering personal and skills development.

The programme provides a space to discuss the impact of leaving family and friends, home, and the challenges of building a new corporate network. Through discussion, evaluation and a focus on key important issues, the coaching sessions will enable the coachee to gain an overview and clarity on how to best manage those issues through transition, settling and repatriation using their own resources.

How it Works

The programme offers six coaching sessions over a 12 month period*, covering the five stages of mobilisation. These coaching sessions begin at pre-departure and continue through to the repatriation stage. There is an initial introduction in which the Coach will fully explain to the Coachee how the programme works, followed by:

  • Coaching session 1

    At pre-departure stage, this coaching session sets clear objectives and agenda of focus for future sessions during mobilisation. This session will be supported with the Wheel of Mobility Tool and an introduction to the Mobile Matrix Tool.

  • Coaching session 2

    This coaching session is also pre-departure and continues the programme based on the agreed agenda.

  • Coaching session 3

    Recommended to take place two weeks after landing, this session supports the coachee during this phase of new challenges.

  • Coaching session 4-5

    At weeks 6-24 of mobilisation, these coaching sessions support the coachee as the journey continues. It supports the coachee in settling into their new environment and managing any issues that may arise during that time.

  • Coaching session 6

    This coaching session is for the repatriation stage. It provides an opportunity for the Coachee to evaluate their new skills, identity and purpose as they mobilise.

* This programme is based on a 12 month assignment and can be tailored to accommodate longer terms of assignment or those without repatriation.

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This programme is also available to the spouse/partner mobilising with the coachee. However, a separate qualified coach will work with the spouse/partner to provide a confidential and secure coaching support intervention.

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