Reflection & Planning
01 Dec 2015

Reflection & Planning

Reflection & Planning The end of the

01 Dec 2015

Reflection & Planning

The end of the year is viewed as the perfect opportunity to reflect and plan.


The end of the year is viewed as the perfect opportunity to reflect on what has effectively worked for you and what has fallen short in your work or in your life.  Create a list of questions you can ask yourself that will evoke thought around what you have achieved. Begin by using the example questions below, you may wish to add more questions or change the questions to give you a more focused reflection.


What successes did you achieve this year?

Acknowledge all that worked out well: the goals you achieved and circumstances you feel good about.


Who needs to be acknowledged?

Acknowledge what went well, think about the people who played a part. Let them know


How did you develop this past year?

Leaders – at any level – must continually learn, evolve and GROW.


What were the stand out moments for you – and why?

Leaders know that when living and working true to their beliefs and values a lot more good happens.


What’s not working?

Take an honest look to acknowledge what is not working anymore.


What do you want and how will you action it?

Reflect on what you have written down – now write down your goals and make them specific and concrete. You also have to back that up with a plan, commitments, and action!

Natasha Dowd is an Accredited and Qualified Life & Executive Coach, Qualified Trainer and a member of the Institute of Leadership and Management with over 20 years experience in recruitment for local and international markets. See her website 

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