Remote Worker Training

Remote Worker Training

Remote Worker Training cover

Remote Worker is a short training programme, designed to develop the skills and competencies for effective remote working. The aim of the programme is to help the remote worker develop core competencies, communication skills and self-awareness, which will allow them to adapt successfully to a remote working environment.

Training type Blended learning (online)
Duration 3 hours
Modules 3
Who attends Remote workers
Remote Worker Training cover

Key Outcomes

  • Develop the core competencies to support effective communication for the remote working environment

  • Evaluate and assess whether work time is spent productively

  • Recognise the importance of planning and prioritising to effectively manage time

  • Discover the value of communicating feedback effectively

  • Recognise the importance of asking for feedback to support overcoming obstacles

  • Implement a plan which supports a work-life balance

About our Remote Working Programme

The Remote Worker course is designed for those who are new to remote working, or currently within a remote working environment, and seeking to adapt the way in which they best manage their time and performance.

This interactive training programme is delivered online, using a blended approach of web-based coaching and self-paced interactive tools.

The modules are structured into three one-hour coaching sessions. Each session is one hour in duration and conducted through real-time video. Each participant is assigned a qualified and experienced coach for the duration of the programme, and provided with a follow-up evaluation session.

The interactive learning tools are designed to support self-reflection and self-development. The learning tools, combined with one-to-one support, enables participants to gain an understanding of how to adapt their own working style, manage expectations and communicate effectively within the remote working environment.

Course Format

This course is delivered as blended learning, combining real-time, online coaching and self-paced digital tools.

Through one-to-one, online coaching, participants will have the opportunity to discuss and explore issues related to remote working. Their dedicated coach will help them troubleshoot problems and develop solutions that can be applied in practice. Success will be explored in a follow-up evaluation session.

Each participant will be provided with their own login to access online learning tools, designed to support self-reflection. Participants can access these tools through the AncoraHub before and after coaching sessions, for ongoing post-training support.

Course Content

  • Module 1 – Core Competencies

    Through this module, participants will review the core competencies that support remote working, with a focus on communication. With the support of the coach, participants will review their communication style and learn to be open to other types of communication with team members, stakeholders or business associates. Participants will learn to use the interactive tools to develop self-awareness and resilience in the remote working environment.

    Learning outcomes:

    • Recognise the important of accountability and trust for delivering on expectations
    • Refine and adapt your communication to develop techniques for effective, remote communication
    • Use online tools to evaluate and reflect on the application of core competencies and skills
  • Module 2 – Managing Expectations

    In this module, participants will explore the importance of planning and prioritision to effectively manage time. They will utilise digital tools to help them develop techniques for setting achieveable goals. Through the coaching, participants will discuss the value of feedback and refine communication skills for a remote working environment.

    • Recognise the importance of planning and prioritising work to effectively manage time
    • Use SMART techniques to set achievable goals
    • Explain the value of communicating feedback effectively and asking for feedback to overcome obstacles
  • Module 3 - The Work-Life Balance

    Through this module, participants will learn the importance of developing a work-life balance in a remote working environment. Using interactive tools for self-reflection, participants will assess their balance of tasks across the working and life environments, and identify how to improve the structure of their remote working routine.

    Learning outcomes:

    • Recognise the importance of developing a work-life balance in a remote working environment
    • Develop skills for self-regulation in the remote working environment
    • Implement a plan to support output and maintain a work-life balance

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